Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day Before Rememberance Day


Today was an okay day made better by a trip to the Bird Sanctuary. (Remember our hung over walk to the sanc and back Deb?) I love the bird sanctuary. It is actually my favourite part of living in this area. I took Donavan, Rory and the 2 puppies. Rory was in his sling. Donavan fell down 2 hills and then tripped over some roots. SO FRICKING FUNNY. (Yes, I am one of THOSE people who laughs at injury). The first hill was EXTREMELY steep... first he was walking, then running, then hopping and jumping over roots then once he finally hit the bottom he went rolling. Then he laid there crocodile-tearsing about how he twisted his leg. (He was fffiiiiinnnneeee lol). The path gets narrow higher up and there are no guardrails to the pretty straight drops down so I kept picturing the baby coming out of the sling and falling to his death. It was nerve wracking.

 My spellcheck stopped underlinging things so I cant be bothered to fix anything so excuse my improper tenses and extra e's....

And since Julie was a good sport a few things I have done that were embarrassing:
  • Everything... I do a lot of random things that I later ( or immediately) groan about!

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  1. Damnit my first comment didn't go through!

    Ok... I'm hungry and now I wanna go to a bird sanctuary!

    Please do a post on your kiddies and boy so I can tell them apart and pretend I know them :)