Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 is almost gone!

What a LONNNGGG year (lol.)

Had a great Christmas! Going to have a great new year!

One of my resolutions is going to be to BLOG MORE!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kiddos Pt 2: Donavan

What can I say about Donavan??? He is a skinny little 4 year old bundle of energy.  He looks like Kev when he was little.
He goes to preschool this year and will be in big kid school next year. He is easily excitable very lovable.

(Donavan and my Brother, his Uncle Boo)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kiddos (For Julie). Pt 1: Samara

Samara is my oldest at 8 years old. I got pregnant with her when I was 17 and in 12th grade. I was rebelling a bit and my boyfriend at the time was quite a bit older... (Try 10 years). He was absolutely against the idea of a baby (We had only known each other about 3 months) and tried very very very hard to convince/ bully me into getting an abortion. Though VERY pro-choice, personally I couldnt see myself going down that route (And I am a believer in learning from "experiences"). Needless to say we ended quite abruptly.
She was a colicky baby who had a lot of problems with latching breastfeeding. She had a click in her hip that the doctors in Moncton said she would probably need surgery for. (Sometimes baby's hips arnt aligned right and need a LITTLE help. According to the IWK children's hospital posters it happens most often in first children and most often girls, FYI). Lucky for her our family doctor at home was a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in Poland. He said put a diaper on normal and a second diaper on backwards and in 6 weeks the click would be gone... It was. Yay.
Kevin and I got together when she was about 18 months. He stepped into her life in a father roll extremely well and she called him Kebby until Donavan was born when she decided to call him Dad so Donavan wouldnt be confused, very smart girl! The donor was not in the picture. First he had fought me on paternity. I had Samara's swab done and then weeks later he finally got his done. Once that came back he tried for joint custody. In the end I had a legal aid free lawyer and he had a higher one he paid. I won full custody when he didnt want to pay to fight anymore. Go me.
When she was about 3 I was concerned about her let's say, anxiety (I wasnt sure what it was). She didnt play well or ever with kids her own age and I was afraid she wouldnt make friends in school or would be outcast for being odd so I called Early Intervention in. They watched her and interacted with her at home and in Pre-school and in the end said that she was fine. The reason she didnt seem like a 3 year old to me is because her understanding and interactions were more on level with a 7-9 or 9-11year old level. She was (and is) very smart.
She is usually an extremely well behaved child. Occasionally she is very stubborn. She plays best with boys (not well with groups of girls). She LOVES Pokemon! This summer is the first time she has ever had any kind of medical concern. She started the summer with a hospitalization for a bad Kidney infection then not even a month later shattered her elbow and had surgery to pin it back together. Tuesday we go again to meet with her surgeon to see if the pins will stay in or come out.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day Before Rememberance Day


Today was an okay day made better by a trip to the Bird Sanctuary. (Remember our hung over walk to the sanc and back Deb?) I love the bird sanctuary. It is actually my favourite part of living in this area. I took Donavan, Rory and the 2 puppies. Rory was in his sling. Donavan fell down 2 hills and then tripped over some roots. SO FRICKING FUNNY. (Yes, I am one of THOSE people who laughs at injury). The first hill was EXTREMELY steep... first he was walking, then running, then hopping and jumping over roots then once he finally hit the bottom he went rolling. Then he laid there crocodile-tearsing about how he twisted his leg. (He was fffiiiiinnnneeee lol). The path gets narrow higher up and there are no guardrails to the pretty straight drops down so I kept picturing the baby coming out of the sling and falling to his death. It was nerve wracking.

 My spellcheck stopped underlinging things so I cant be bothered to fix anything so excuse my improper tenses and extra e's....

And since Julie was a good sport a few things I have done that were embarrassing:
  • Everything... I do a lot of random things that I later ( or immediately) groan about!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Been a Long Time

Highlights and lowlights include:

My dog Rocky got hit by a car and died :(

Replaced him with 2 puppies, Prudence and Finnegan.

Halloween was awesome :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Things To Do, People To See

  • Visited Henri today at the hospital. She's in good spirits. Always wonderful chatting with her!
  • Moncton yesterday, got the coolest cds for my car. Ace of Base: the sign and Bewitched's album for nostalgic reasons!
  • Also got a giant Toblerone bar. OH YES
  • Rory is sicky with a cold so my big trip was cancelled for this weekend. Poo.
  • Samara's birthday party went AWESOME! Lots of different kids came, she got RICH. It was an awesome day!
  • Next week is halloween party time at Maggies. Yay.
  • I need to make a fb page for Rory's b-day!

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Post Where I Say Mean Things About Kevin

  • He's paranoid that I am writing bad things about him.
  • He's going to start stalking this blog
  • I can't take him seriously
  • He's reading over my shoulder
  • He says Its wierd that I'm writing about him
  • He's annoying
Good Things:
  • He has a nice bum

BAHAHAHAH 1 goodthing anyway

I'm going back to my bedroom to read. Goodnight

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hello Again Sunday

Another Sunday is upon us.

So far today I got up and took Kev to work then I stopped for Gas and gasstation cappachino. Then we ast in the Sobeys lot for a few minutes while I texted Angela. Then I dropped Samara off to church and went to Angela's and had coffee. The I picked Samara and Austyn up and we came home. Then I cleaned out the car and we took it to the carwash and vacuumed it out. Then fries for lunch and the kids went outside to play with waterguns. Donavan came in first then the girls. Now I dont know what to do with myself. Scratch that... I'm going to take these skinny jeans off and put on some sweats...
Maybe that will inspire me to do something. I want to try to finish my kitchen at least today!

Also need to clear out a laundry basket. Looks like a great day to hang out some clothes!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I'm so happy with the way my room is turning out so far. Got Donavan's dresser downstairs (All by myself btw) and started getting things put away. Waiting for Kevin to call for a ride home then picking him up and relaxing.

I want a can of Pepsi!

 The kids are watching ScoobyDoo movies while I do nothing on the computer.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Bullets via Deb!

I like bullets too

Funny things my kids have said lately:
  • Nanny Betty: Why are you so tired?     Donavan: Mom wakes me up in the middle of the night!   Betty: What does Mom say when she wakes you up?     Donavan: Sammmaaaarrraaa its time to get up!
  • Me: Now that your fish died you'll be able to get another fish, something different even.     Samara: But I like Kung Foo Fighter Fish.   Me: LAUGHING!   Samara: Well, that's what you call them...

So I am trying to focus on my cleaning... I pulled a bunch of things out of my bedroom to make room for more dressers. I dont have to go upstairs (Unless I decide to clean) so I would prefer not to deal with taking laundry up there. Everyone's clothes downstairs will also make it easier to nudge my kids toward clothes that make sense :):) Dress shirt with sweats makes me insane! etc. I have a ton of stuff waiting to go to the Bridge workshop too thats in the kitchen too :p LOL. I need to clear out my car and make room to take this stuff away.

Monday, 3 October 2011

First Day Of School

Donavan had a great first day. Started late. He did great. No tears no nothing. He's such a good boy (sometimes haha).

Bloggy Bloggy Monday

I am an idiot who stayed up too late! I was watching Long Island Medium from 11 to 12... then SisterWives preview showed that Robyn was spotting so I HAD to watch... plus I was reading and wanted to finish that book. By the time my ass hit the bed it was 1:30. then I was trying not to disturb Kev when I went to bed and he was by thewall so I tried to lay on the outside with the baby by theedge but I was afraid he would roll off so I couldnt sleep. Then Kev traded me spots and I still couldnt sleep. GRRRR!

Coffee and Conversation at maggies this morning (YAY!). then home then Donavan goes to school for the first time (Preschool). then back to maggies a half hour ate for Bosom Buddies. Oh the things I do for my kiddies. LOL.

Well, off to throw Samara to the bus!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Had a great day yesterday. Went to a yardsale at the Knights of Pythias. got a bag of books :). Bought the game Mastermind and Trouble. (The like, 1970's versions). Very cool. Also got a Ping Pong set. (The net that hooks to the table, 4 balls and 2 paddles.

Afterward the kids and I headed to Parsborro to see Brenda and the kids. Great trip. Hung out all day, she made a big chicken dinner. Got home around 10:30ish asnd pretty much went right to bed. Kev was out jamming and he got home later and went right to the couch.

Today I AM getting things done around here!!!

Friday, 30 September 2011


Had a pretty good day today. BFI meeting at Maggies. World Breastfeeding week is next week and were holding the celebration at Jungle Jims restaurant. Should be a great time.

Got a new carseat for Rory. it fits great in the car. Donavan is going to use Rory's old one because he cant get it undone and escape.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


I've got Moves Like Jagger in my head. Rory loves it so Ive been listening to it a bit.

Donavan has been on a roll lately and it needs to stop. He is so difficult. Tempermental and emotional. He's constantly on go. I dont know what to do about him!

Maggies this morning then when Samara gets home were headed to Moncton. Kevs getting laid off and were looking at a few weeks of broke and then poof, my underwire snaps on my bra. So now I am going to spend money we dont have to fix it :( GRRR, Then Costco for a few things and maybe our last Arby's for awhile? (I'm loving arbys lately haha).

Well, its 8 Oclock, I should feed these boys and get them dressed all spiffy.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hurts So Good

So I have a charlie horse type cramp in my hand/ wrist and I am hoping that typing will make it feel better. I dont think it will but MAYBE???

r's dentist appt went really well. His mouth looks great and they were very impressed with how calm and good natured he is. He is definatly lip tied. Dr M will keep an eye on it. When he is around 8ish then he will call in an orthodontist for a second opinion then if nessessary remove it. That involves less freezing (aparently) than even a filling. then he would scrape it away a bit with a scalpel. one suture and he's done!

Henri and her folk are visiting tomorrow and I am superduper excited ;) Besides Kelly and George, they will be our fist real visitors!

Good Morning World

Last night sucked! I really want r to not be on the boob all night! It doesnt help my sleep ha.

This morning I got up, got s on the bus and went back to bed. After a bit r went back to sleep then Kev said that our little dog was eating a poopy diaper by our bed. I REALLY HATE THAT DOG quite often. Whyyyy can't he behave??? D put him in kennel for me and I got up and picked up the grossness that is a poop diaper. UGH.

Opps r is up again!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Poo No Support

So child support is absent today :P Sucks to be me!

R had his appt. It went well, he wants to see how he makes it through the winter as far as ear infections go. Another hearing test and such in 6 months. If he gets an infection he cant have amoxillin more than once every 6 mos and no 2 of the same perscription in a row.

Maggies again this afternoon. Wish me luck not running out of gas!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A New Week

12 O'Clock and I am already dreading 7AM. I super hate mornings though I am getting better I guess. Tomorrow 7 am I need to get Samara ready and her lunch packed. Then I need to Bath or at least wash R down and MAYBE take a shower myself and get D dressed for the day and be ready to run to be at the hospital for 9. R has his followup with the ear nose throat guy. We were looking at tubes for him because of a lot of ear infections and his ears being filled up behind the drum. As of his recent hearing test his ears are looking clear and his hearing AWESOME so hopefully we don't need to go that route.
I will be late for coffee and convo (first of the season) but hopefully wont miss it altogether. Then home for lunch and back to Maggie's fam resource center for the Bosom Buddies bfing group. Busy day. Hopefully I will be in the mood for cleaning afterward. There is so much I want to get done! Child Support would be nice too!

Sunday Bloody Sunday

This getting up at 7am to put s on the bus is starting to KILL me. R gets up super early now and d always did. I literally think of Kev in the bedroom sleeping and want to go in with a screwdriver and poke out his eye repeatedly. (Why a screwdriver, you ask? theres one right here that I took from R).

I thought about taking the kids to Sunday School this morning but I have no gas and no money. The break might have been nice but theres always next week! And Sunday school wouldnt have saved me from R standing by me crying fakely. (Yes, I am making up words now, sue me.)

R will be 11 mos old in 5 days and is still on the boob pretty constantly. He CAN go all day without it if were out and about but when we are home boob is like his time out. When he wants a break or life gets too much he is hanging off a nibble in the milk-zone. Hes such a funny person.

I am feeling pretty friendless lately. I am used to having at least 1 friend I can call anytime and chat constantly. The one I used to talk to most up and moved away and just when i thought she might come back she fell in love 4 hours away and they bought a house.  (hi Deb). There have been times that we stopped talking but in her words "we always come around".  I have other friends but they are a) BUSY!!!! b)spread thin!!!! or c)Not good friends. Nothing worse than a false friend. The time comes when you have to decide, what is better? A falsie or none at all.  None at all is sad and lonely though haha.

Ah well, there are things to do around here....

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Why Wade When You Can Jump Right In

It's Saturday. I stayed up too late last night and am kind of crabby this morning. Kev and I took the kids and went to a fleamarket in the city and spent $50 we don't actually have but it was a pretty good trip. D got a plastic dinosaur, S got a bunny beanie baby, kev got a few records and I got Pink's first CD for in the car. Yay!

Now I am going to try to tide up a bit. It is very overcast and was raining. We were supposed to have a couple friends over for a bonfire but I have no idea if it is actually going to happen. No biggie tonight, I am so tired I am ready to crash now!