Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kiddos (For Julie). Pt 1: Samara

Samara is my oldest at 8 years old. I got pregnant with her when I was 17 and in 12th grade. I was rebelling a bit and my boyfriend at the time was quite a bit older... (Try 10 years). He was absolutely against the idea of a baby (We had only known each other about 3 months) and tried very very very hard to convince/ bully me into getting an abortion. Though VERY pro-choice, personally I couldnt see myself going down that route (And I am a believer in learning from "experiences"). Needless to say we ended quite abruptly.
She was a colicky baby who had a lot of problems with latching breastfeeding. She had a click in her hip that the doctors in Moncton said she would probably need surgery for. (Sometimes baby's hips arnt aligned right and need a LITTLE help. According to the IWK children's hospital posters it happens most often in first children and most often girls, FYI). Lucky for her our family doctor at home was a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in Poland. He said put a diaper on normal and a second diaper on backwards and in 6 weeks the click would be gone... It was. Yay.
Kevin and I got together when she was about 18 months. He stepped into her life in a father roll extremely well and she called him Kebby until Donavan was born when she decided to call him Dad so Donavan wouldnt be confused, very smart girl! The donor was not in the picture. First he had fought me on paternity. I had Samara's swab done and then weeks later he finally got his done. Once that came back he tried for joint custody. In the end I had a legal aid free lawyer and he had a higher one he paid. I won full custody when he didnt want to pay to fight anymore. Go me.
When she was about 3 I was concerned about her let's say, anxiety (I wasnt sure what it was). She didnt play well or ever with kids her own age and I was afraid she wouldnt make friends in school or would be outcast for being odd so I called Early Intervention in. They watched her and interacted with her at home and in Pre-school and in the end said that she was fine. The reason she didnt seem like a 3 year old to me is because her understanding and interactions were more on level with a 7-9 or 9-11year old level. She was (and is) very smart.
She is usually an extremely well behaved child. Occasionally she is very stubborn. She plays best with boys (not well with groups of girls). She LOVES Pokemon! This summer is the first time she has ever had any kind of medical concern. She started the summer with a hospitalization for a bad Kidney infection then not even a month later shattered her elbow and had surgery to pin it back together. Tuesday we go again to meet with her surgeon to see if the pins will stay in or come out.

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