Saturday, 22 October 2011

Things To Do, People To See

  • Visited Henri today at the hospital. She's in good spirits. Always wonderful chatting with her!
  • Moncton yesterday, got the coolest cds for my car. Ace of Base: the sign and Bewitched's album for nostalgic reasons!
  • Also got a giant Toblerone bar. OH YES
  • Rory is sicky with a cold so my big trip was cancelled for this weekend. Poo.
  • Samara's birthday party went AWESOME! Lots of different kids came, she got RICH. It was an awesome day!
  • Next week is halloween party time at Maggies. Yay.
  • I need to make a fb page for Rory's b-day!

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Post Where I Say Mean Things About Kevin

  • He's paranoid that I am writing bad things about him.
  • He's going to start stalking this blog
  • I can't take him seriously
  • He's reading over my shoulder
  • He says Its wierd that I'm writing about him
  • He's annoying
Good Things:
  • He has a nice bum

BAHAHAHAH 1 goodthing anyway

I'm going back to my bedroom to read. Goodnight

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hello Again Sunday

Another Sunday is upon us.

So far today I got up and took Kev to work then I stopped for Gas and gasstation cappachino. Then we ast in the Sobeys lot for a few minutes while I texted Angela. Then I dropped Samara off to church and went to Angela's and had coffee. The I picked Samara and Austyn up and we came home. Then I cleaned out the car and we took it to the carwash and vacuumed it out. Then fries for lunch and the kids went outside to play with waterguns. Donavan came in first then the girls. Now I dont know what to do with myself. Scratch that... I'm going to take these skinny jeans off and put on some sweats...
Maybe that will inspire me to do something. I want to try to finish my kitchen at least today!

Also need to clear out a laundry basket. Looks like a great day to hang out some clothes!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I'm so happy with the way my room is turning out so far. Got Donavan's dresser downstairs (All by myself btw) and started getting things put away. Waiting for Kevin to call for a ride home then picking him up and relaxing.

I want a can of Pepsi!

 The kids are watching ScoobyDoo movies while I do nothing on the computer.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Bullets via Deb!

I like bullets too

Funny things my kids have said lately:
  • Nanny Betty: Why are you so tired?     Donavan: Mom wakes me up in the middle of the night!   Betty: What does Mom say when she wakes you up?     Donavan: Sammmaaaarrraaa its time to get up!
  • Me: Now that your fish died you'll be able to get another fish, something different even.     Samara: But I like Kung Foo Fighter Fish.   Me: LAUGHING!   Samara: Well, that's what you call them...

So I am trying to focus on my cleaning... I pulled a bunch of things out of my bedroom to make room for more dressers. I dont have to go upstairs (Unless I decide to clean) so I would prefer not to deal with taking laundry up there. Everyone's clothes downstairs will also make it easier to nudge my kids toward clothes that make sense :):) Dress shirt with sweats makes me insane! etc. I have a ton of stuff waiting to go to the Bridge workshop too thats in the kitchen too :p LOL. I need to clear out my car and make room to take this stuff away.

Monday, 3 October 2011

First Day Of School

Donavan had a great first day. Started late. He did great. No tears no nothing. He's such a good boy (sometimes haha).

Bloggy Bloggy Monday

I am an idiot who stayed up too late! I was watching Long Island Medium from 11 to 12... then SisterWives preview showed that Robyn was spotting so I HAD to watch... plus I was reading and wanted to finish that book. By the time my ass hit the bed it was 1:30. then I was trying not to disturb Kev when I went to bed and he was by thewall so I tried to lay on the outside with the baby by theedge but I was afraid he would roll off so I couldnt sleep. Then Kev traded me spots and I still couldnt sleep. GRRRR!

Coffee and Conversation at maggies this morning (YAY!). then home then Donavan goes to school for the first time (Preschool). then back to maggies a half hour ate for Bosom Buddies. Oh the things I do for my kiddies. LOL.

Well, off to throw Samara to the bus!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Had a great day yesterday. Went to a yardsale at the Knights of Pythias. got a bag of books :). Bought the game Mastermind and Trouble. (The like, 1970's versions). Very cool. Also got a Ping Pong set. (The net that hooks to the table, 4 balls and 2 paddles.

Afterward the kids and I headed to Parsborro to see Brenda and the kids. Great trip. Hung out all day, she made a big chicken dinner. Got home around 10:30ish asnd pretty much went right to bed. Kev was out jamming and he got home later and went right to the couch.

Today I AM getting things done around here!!!