Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hurts So Good

So I have a charlie horse type cramp in my hand/ wrist and I am hoping that typing will make it feel better. I dont think it will but MAYBE???

r's dentist appt went really well. His mouth looks great and they were very impressed with how calm and good natured he is. He is definatly lip tied. Dr M will keep an eye on it. When he is around 8ish then he will call in an orthodontist for a second opinion then if nessessary remove it. That involves less freezing (aparently) than even a filling. then he would scrape it away a bit with a scalpel. one suture and he's done!

Henri and her folk are visiting tomorrow and I am superduper excited ;) Besides Kelly and George, they will be our fist real visitors!


  1. how strange... i have never heard of lip tied...

    now i must seekout more info...


  2. Upper frenulem (or however you spell it). just a bit of colligen that grows from your lip inside to between your front teeth. Thats why I have a space. Its such dense tissue that the teeth cant grow together :P