Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

This getting up at 7am to put s on the bus is starting to KILL me. R gets up super early now and d always did. I literally think of Kev in the bedroom sleeping and want to go in with a screwdriver and poke out his eye repeatedly. (Why a screwdriver, you ask? theres one right here that I took from R).

I thought about taking the kids to Sunday School this morning but I have no gas and no money. The break might have been nice but theres always next week! And Sunday school wouldnt have saved me from R standing by me crying fakely. (Yes, I am making up words now, sue me.)

R will be 11 mos old in 5 days and is still on the boob pretty constantly. He CAN go all day without it if were out and about but when we are home boob is like his time out. When he wants a break or life gets too much he is hanging off a nibble in the milk-zone. Hes such a funny person.

I am feeling pretty friendless lately. I am used to having at least 1 friend I can call anytime and chat constantly. The one I used to talk to most up and moved away and just when i thought she might come back she fell in love 4 hours away and they bought a house.  (hi Deb). There have been times that we stopped talking but in her words "we always come around".  I have other friends but they are a) BUSY!!!! b)spread thin!!!! or c)Not good friends. Nothing worse than a false friend. The time comes when you have to decide, what is better? A falsie or none at all.  None at all is sad and lonely though haha.

Ah well, there are things to do around here....


  1. I love that you are blogging again!!!

    I miss reading your blog...


  2. Its so nice to know someone cares! XO