Sunday, 25 September 2011

A New Week

12 O'Clock and I am already dreading 7AM. I super hate mornings though I am getting better I guess. Tomorrow 7 am I need to get Samara ready and her lunch packed. Then I need to Bath or at least wash R down and MAYBE take a shower myself and get D dressed for the day and be ready to run to be at the hospital for 9. R has his followup with the ear nose throat guy. We were looking at tubes for him because of a lot of ear infections and his ears being filled up behind the drum. As of his recent hearing test his ears are looking clear and his hearing AWESOME so hopefully we don't need to go that route.
I will be late for coffee and convo (first of the season) but hopefully wont miss it altogether. Then home for lunch and back to Maggie's fam resource center for the Bosom Buddies bfing group. Busy day. Hopefully I will be in the mood for cleaning afterward. There is so much I want to get done! Child Support would be nice too!

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