Thursday, 29 September 2011


I've got Moves Like Jagger in my head. Rory loves it so Ive been listening to it a bit.

Donavan has been on a roll lately and it needs to stop. He is so difficult. Tempermental and emotional. He's constantly on go. I dont know what to do about him!

Maggies this morning then when Samara gets home were headed to Moncton. Kevs getting laid off and were looking at a few weeks of broke and then poof, my underwire snaps on my bra. So now I am going to spend money we dont have to fix it :( GRRR, Then Costco for a few things and maybe our last Arby's for awhile? (I'm loving arbys lately haha).

Well, its 8 Oclock, I should feed these boys and get them dressed all spiffy.


  1. i detest that song...

    it is horrible...

    once in gets in your head...

    its the theme song for the zombie apocolyps i know it...

  2. I hated it until it came on the radio one day and Rory started screaming, clapping and trying to fly away happily. It was so funny I couldnt resist downloading it to see his reaction whenever I wanted haha.