Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hello Again Sunday

Another Sunday is upon us.

So far today I got up and took Kev to work then I stopped for Gas and gasstation cappachino. Then we ast in the Sobeys lot for a few minutes while I texted Angela. Then I dropped Samara off to church and went to Angela's and had coffee. The I picked Samara and Austyn up and we came home. Then I cleaned out the car and we took it to the carwash and vacuumed it out. Then fries for lunch and the kids went outside to play with waterguns. Donavan came in first then the girls. Now I dont know what to do with myself. Scratch that... I'm going to take these skinny jeans off and put on some sweats...
Maybe that will inspire me to do something. I want to try to finish my kitchen at least today!

Also need to clear out a laundry basket. Looks like a great day to hang out some clothes!

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