Sunday, 2 October 2011


Had a great day yesterday. Went to a yardsale at the Knights of Pythias. got a bag of books :). Bought the game Mastermind and Trouble. (The like, 1970's versions). Very cool. Also got a Ping Pong set. (The net that hooks to the table, 4 balls and 2 paddles.

Afterward the kids and I headed to Parsborro to see Brenda and the kids. Great trip. Hung out all day, she made a big chicken dinner. Got home around 10:30ish asnd pretty much went right to bed. Kev was out jamming and he got home later and went right to the couch.

Today I AM getting things done around here!!!

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  1. you blogged which was thee most important thing...


    gotta keep your fans updated...