Friday, 7 October 2011

Bullets via Deb!

I like bullets too

Funny things my kids have said lately:
  • Nanny Betty: Why are you so tired?     Donavan: Mom wakes me up in the middle of the night!   Betty: What does Mom say when she wakes you up?     Donavan: Sammmaaaarrraaa its time to get up!
  • Me: Now that your fish died you'll be able to get another fish, something different even.     Samara: But I like Kung Foo Fighter Fish.   Me: LAUGHING!   Samara: Well, that's what you call them...

So I am trying to focus on my cleaning... I pulled a bunch of things out of my bedroom to make room for more dressers. I dont have to go upstairs (Unless I decide to clean) so I would prefer not to deal with taking laundry up there. Everyone's clothes downstairs will also make it easier to nudge my kids toward clothes that make sense :):) Dress shirt with sweats makes me insane! etc. I have a ton of stuff waiting to go to the Bridge workshop too thats in the kitchen too :p LOL. I need to clear out my car and make room to take this stuff away.

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