Monday, 3 October 2011

Bloggy Bloggy Monday

I am an idiot who stayed up too late! I was watching Long Island Medium from 11 to 12... then SisterWives preview showed that Robyn was spotting so I HAD to watch... plus I was reading and wanted to finish that book. By the time my ass hit the bed it was 1:30. then I was trying not to disturb Kev when I went to bed and he was by thewall so I tried to lay on the outside with the baby by theedge but I was afraid he would roll off so I couldnt sleep. Then Kev traded me spots and I still couldnt sleep. GRRRR!

Coffee and Conversation at maggies this morning (YAY!). then home then Donavan goes to school for the first time (Preschool). then back to maggies a half hour ate for Bosom Buddies. Oh the things I do for my kiddies. LOL.

Well, off to throw Samara to the bus!

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